Duck Egg Sponge
Duck Egg Sponge

MSc Gastronomy 2017/18.

London to Edinburgh.

Currently nibbling my way into the world of wholesale cheese…


Duck Egg Sponge: A rich, golden cake to be enjoyed sprinkled with sugar and with a cup of tea. But it is more than just a cake. It's the treat that my grandmother used to have ready and waiting, nestled in a tin in the cupboard under the stairs, when my dad and I went up to visit when I was younger. We’d eat most of it that evening with glasses of milk. It is a warm welcome, it's a comfort food and it takes me back to childhood.


Moving to Edinburgh to complete an MSc in Gastronomy has resulted in me gaining a totally new perspective on food. A multi-faceted and multidisciplinary approach has encouraged me to question what and how we eat, to take a holistic view of the study of food, to embrace different food cultures, to analyse communication techniques, to think about the importance of soil health, to question taste, and to embrace the endless complexities of the food system. Much like a duck egg sponge is more than just a cake, Gastronomy is about far more than just food.


Ever since our course field trip to Isle of Mull cheese and our day with Barry Graham of Loch Arthur Creamery, there has been something drawing me towards the world of cheese, perhaps because it seems to encompass so much of what we learned on the course. Cheesemaking is a perfect combination of art and science, it is a balance of tradition and innovation, and its taste can be directly affected by the land where it is produced.


I have now started working in wholesale cheese, and I feel this blog is going to take a somewhat cheesy turn, but still with a broader gastronomic overview. With my varied career background also covering art history and theatre design, I am also interested in finding ways to combine art, design and food/cheese. If you would like to contact me about this, or anything else gastronomic, get in touch via the contact page, or follow me via the social media links on the website.


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